Important update about Satsuma.

Proposal for the payment of compensation claims through a scheme of arrangement

A legal process called a scheme of arrangement (the “Scheme”) has been approved for the purpose of assessing and paying compensation claims against Provident Personal Credit Limited ("PPC") (which traded under the brand names Provident, Glo and Satsuma) and Greenwood Personal Credit Limited ("Greenwood") for unaffordable lending. The Scheme was sanctioned by the courts on 30th July and was implemented on 27th August 2021. The deadline for submitting a claim is 28th February 2022.

If you received a loan from PPC, or guaranteed a loan from Glo, between 6 April 2007 and 17 December 2020, you can visit Provident Scheme of Arrangement website where you will be able to view more information about the Scheme and next steps if you think you may have a claim.

IMPORTANT: The best way for you to make a claim is directly with Provident via our Claims Portal which can be accessed via this link {}. Making a claim via a third party, such as a Claims Management Company (‘CMC’), could potentially incur additional costs and result in you not receiving the full amount of compensation that you are owed. We have made the process really straight forward, and you will not need to have access to any of your loan details in order to make a claim directly with Provident. Should you need assistance in completing your claim form our contact centre team will be happy to help. They are available on 0800 056 8936.

Stop to lending

Over the years, we’ve been proud to help people who need a loan and can’t get one elsewhere. However, the tough economic situation has resulted in us making the difficult decision to stop lending.

As of 10th May 2021, we won’t issue any new loans. This includes new loans to existing customers. To find out more read our FAQs.

Existing loans

We’re focused on looking after existing customers and their loans. We’re still here to help.

If you’ve already got a loan with us, it’s important that you continue to repay your current loan(s). Keeping up with your payments will have a positive impact on your credit score. We understand it’s a difficult time due to Covid-19, so speak to our contact centre if you can’t make a payment. They can be reached on 0800 694 0004.

You can also find more information about what to do if you have any money concerns here.

Are you looking for a loan?

We have stopped new lending but there may be other options for you;

  1. Credit Unions are community savings and loans providers. They can offer affordable loans to people within their local area. Credit Unions are often able to lend to people whose circumstances might mean they struggle to get a loan from other lenders. They often have branches as well as phone and online support. There are hundreds of Credit Unions across the UK. To find one in your area and to see if you are eligible to join visit
  2. Community Development Finance Institutions (or CDFIs) are community lenders that offer affordable and flexible loans alongside free access to advice. There are a dozen CDFIs across the country. You can apply for a loan from a CDFI either online or over the phone and there are branch services available in some areas. Search for a CDFI by visiting Please note that search results appear in alphabetical order.

Credit Unions and CDFIs also offer loans at specific times such as Christmas, for school uniforms and for other one off expenses.