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Looking for a Peachy loan?

Peachy loans entered the short term loan market in 2001 and are a trading name of Cash on the Go Ltd . They say two words best describe their business, safe and secure. They pride themselves on responsible lending and are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

What loans do Peachy offer?

Peachy loans offer loans from £50-£700 with repayment options ranging from 15 days to 12 months, allowing the customer to choose a repayment option to suit their needs.

Their application process involves three steps, choosing the loan amount and repayment term, completing the application form and then receiving the money if accepted.

Peachy’s approach to responsible lending involves calling customers in some instances to confirm details given on the application before the loan is funded. 

Satsuma Loans vs Peachy

The table below illustrates the key features of both products to help you decide which is best suited to your needs. Both lenders highlight the importance of responsible lending and simple application forms to complete. The advantage Satsuma Loans have over Peachy is their heritage; Peachy have only been established since 2011, but Satsuma Loans are a trading name of Provident Personal Credit Limited who were established in 1880.



Satsuma Loans

Loans up to £700 for new customers

Loans up to £1,000 for new customers

Repay over 15 days up to 12 months

Repayment options between 3 to 12 months, repaid monthly or weekly

Repay in one lump sum or monthly instalments    

Repay in monthly or weekly instalments

Hassle free application process

Quick and simple application process

Pay back your loan bit by bit

Pay back your loan in manageable monthly or weekly instalments


If you feel like a Satsuma Loan is a better option for you than Peachy, please use our loan calculator to understand your borrowing options. If you choose to apply, we will always try to say yes.  

Choose the loan for you


Representative example: £400 loan repayable over 6 months. 6 monthly payments of £126.40. Rate of interest 179% p.a. fixed. Representative 991% APR. Total amount payable is £758.40.