Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to moneyadviceservice.org.uk

Alternative to a Pounds to Pocket loan

Are you thinking about a Pounds to Pocket loan? If so you could borrow between £200 and £2,000. And you could choose to repay your loan over a period of between six to twelve months. But Pounds to Pocket will charge you a late payment fee should you miss a repayment. You may also be charged interest on the outstanding principle amount of your loan.

Are Satsuma loans different then?

Satsuma differs in several ways to Pounds to Pocket. Firstly we will never charge you a late payment fee. We don't add on extra charges to your loan no matter what happens. When you take out a Satsuma loan you know exactly how much you're borrowing and how much you have to repay. This never changes. What you agree upfront is what you pay.

But there are also other differences between Satsuma and PoundstoPocket loans.

The minimum amount you can apply to borrow from Pounds to Pocket is £200. However, Satsuma offer loans from £100 up to £1,000 (subject to affordability) and you can choose to repay your loan over a period of three to twelve months. Pounds to Pocket offer a minimum repayment period of six months.

If you receive your wages every week it may be easier for you to manage your finances by repaying your Satsuma loan every week. But of course, you can opt to pay monthly if this suits you better. It's all about what is best for you and best suits your personal circumstances.

Another thing that makes Satsuma different is SmartCheck. With SmartCheck, you're able to see if you'll be accepted for a Satsuma loan before you apply, without affecting your credit rating*.



How does SmartCheck work?

If you're nervous about being accepted, why not use SmartCheck?

Just answer a few questions and SmartCheck will tell you within moments if you're eligible for a Satsuma loan. SmartCheck will also tell you how much you can borrow. And it does all this without affecting your credit rating.

We check your info

It's not a full application so we only need a few details

Protect your credit score

No matter the result, it won't affect your credit score unless you choose to apply

Give you your result

You'll find out in 60 seconds and we'll tell you how much you could borrow. We'll need to check your details if you choose to apply*

Choose the loan for you


Why choose Satsuma?

With a short term loan from Satsuma you're able to:

  • Borrow from £100 to £1,000 (subject to affordability).
  • Repay your loan over three to twelve months.
  • Choose either weekly or monthly repayments.

Remember Satsuma never charge additional fees. Even if you miss a repayment. And, as Satsuma are part of Provident Personal Credit Limited, you have the added peace of mind which comes from knowing you're dealing with a trusted lender who has been in business for over 130 years.

Money in 1 hour

Once approved, hourly pay-outs between 6am-11pm

No hidden fees

Only ever pay back the amount we agree upfront

Our reviews

Our customers rate us 4.8 out of 5. Reviews.co.uk, June 2016 

Applying for a Satsuma loan

You can apply for a short term loan from Satsuma online, you'll receive a decision in minutes and your money is usually transferred to your bank within the hour**. 

Before you begin your application make sure you have:

  • A valid email address.
  • A mobile phone number.
  • Details of your addresses over the last three years.
  • A note of your income and outgoings.
  • Bank account details.
  • Debit card information.

Remember to use SmartCheck before you apply to see if you’ll be accepted, without affecting your credit rating*.

Click here to use SmartCheck now

* Unless you choose to apply, approval for a Satsuma Loan is subject to successful completion of affordability, fraud, identity and money laundering checks. Satsuma Loans are only available to UK residents who are at least 18 years of age and have a valid UK bank account and debit card.

**Once approved, hourly pay-outs between 6am-11pm