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If you’re searching for QuickQuid and you’ve landed on our page, you’re probably looking at how they compare to other lenders like Satsuma. Here’s our quick guide.

Satsuma versus QuickQuid?

QuickQuid only offer very short term loans. You can borrow up to £1,000 and choose to repay it over one, two or three months.

Satsuma loans are very different. As a new customer you can still borrow up to £1,000 (subject to affordability), but you can choose to repay your loan over any period from three to twelve months.

This could mean spreading the cost of your loan into smaller instalments. And, should you ever miss a payment, we won’t add extra charges. Unlike QuickQuid, Satsuma never add on late payment fees or any other charges whatsoever, what you see upfront is what you pay.

Check before you apply with Satsuma

QuickQuid and Satsuma both do credit checks when you apply for a loan. The result of this credit check will play a part in the approval process of your loan. But we understand you may be worried about a credit check, especially if you've had credit issues in the past.

Satsuma has a free way to find out if you could be accepted for a loan without affecting your credit rating. QuickQuid don’t offer this service.

As a responsible lender we want to ensure you only borrow money you can afford to repay. We don't want you taking on unnecessary debt.

But it isn't all about your credit rating. Even if you have had credit issues in the past.

When considering your application we don't just look at your credit history. We will consider your personal circumstances even if you have a current CCJ.

How it works

We check your info

It's not a full application so we only need a few details

Protect your credit score

No matter the result, it won't affect your credit score unless you choose to apply

Give you your result

You'll find out in 60 seconds. We'll need to check your details if you choose to apply*

Still thinking about a QuickQuid loan?

Satsuma Loans is part of Provident Personal Credit Limited. We have been providing short term loans for over 130 years. We are a reputable company with a trusted heritage.

You are important to us and should you need any help, or run into problems with your repayments you can call our UK customer services team who will do everything they can to support you.

Choose the loan for you


Ready to apply for a Satsuma loan?


Applying for a loan from Satsuma is a three step process:


  1. Use our loan calculator to see how much your repayments will be on the sum you want to borrow.
  2. Check to see if you are eligible for a loan before you apply.
  3. Complete the online application.


Your cash will usually be in your bank account within an hour of us approving your loan**.

*Satsuma Loans are subject to successful completion of affordability and identity checks. Satsuma Loans are only available to UK residents who are at least 18 years of age and have a valid UK bank account and debit card.

**If approved, hourly pay-outs between 6am-11pm


Representative example: £480 loan repayable over 9 months. 9 monthly repayments of £106.56. Rate of interest 133.1% p.a. fixed. Representative 535% APR. Total amount payable is £959.04