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Looking for a Sunny loan?

Sunny have been delivering short term loans for a couple of years now; they began serving customers in mid 2013 just before Satsuma Loans. Sunny Loans have changed quite a bit since they first started out, evolving their product to try and meet the needs of their customers. 

What loans do Sunny offer?

Sunny first came to the short term loan market with loans available up to £1,000. Sunny have since evolved and now you can borrow a larger amount upfront; loans up to £950 are available over 6 months and loans up to £2,500 available over 14 months. 

How do Sunny loans compare to Satsuma Loans?

The table below illustrates some key differences between Sunny and Satsuma Loans which we hope will help you make an informed decision as to which one is best suited to you.

Both Sunny and Satsuma Loans have no fees, only interest, making it clear upfront how much you would be paying back if you went full term with your loan. Sunny have evolved and grown since they started out, but Satsuma Loans benefit from being a trading name of Provident Personal Credit Limited, who have 135 years experience, because they were established 1880.

Sunny Loans

Satsuma Loans

Loans up to £2,500 for new customers

Loans up to £1,000 for new customers

Repayment options of either 6 or 14 months    

Repayment options between 3 to 12 months, repaid monthly or weekly

Repay in monthly intervals

Repay in monthly or weekly instalments

Clear, simple pricing

Simple, straightforward pricing

No fees ever, only interest

Zero fees, only the interest you agree upfront


If you feel like a Satsuma Loan is a better option for you than Sunny Loans, please use our loan calculator to understand your borrowing options. If you choose to apply, we will always try to say yes.


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Representative example: £400 loan repayable over 6 months. 6 monthly payments of £126.40. Rate of interest 179% p.a. fixed. Representative 991% APR. Total amount payable is £758.40.