Unexpected home or car cost? Satsuma Loans could help.

There are many emergencies or unexpected situations that can result in us being hit with a bill that we could do without and putting away money for a rainy day is not always possible

Two of the biggest costs in people’s lives are a roof over our heads and having a car to get about in. Both can give us headaches when it comes to maintenance or repair costs.

This is when Satsuma Loans can offer a better way to help you with your unexpected home improvements or emergency car repairs.

Home sweet home

If you need some money to cover a large bill or do some essential home improvements we could help. 

It could be just a few cosmetic changes such as redecorating a room or something bigger such as replacing a carpet. Maybe you need a new shower unit or bath or your garden shed is falling apart. Nothing lasts forever.

If you own your house, and you can’t get past the strict credit scoring process of your bank or building society to take out a loan to do some repairs or improvements this is where Satsuma Loans could help.


‘I don’t know what I’d do without my car’....

That’s what many car owners tell us. And if you rely on your vehicle to get you to work, take the kids to school and do the weekly shopping then you would struggle without it.

Car repairs could hit your bank account hard when there’s enough to pay already on tax, insurance, fuel and maybe even a car loan. If such a problem occurs for you Satsuma Loans might be able to help with a loan of up to £1,000, subject to affordability.

Satsuma Loans a better way!

Satsuma Loans are a trading name of Provident Personal Credit Limited, a Bradford based company that’s been around since 1880! 

That’s 135 years worth of experience and, most importantly, decades of trust built up with our customers that we don’t want to lose so you can rely on us to do the right thing.

If you've got an unexpected cost, we also think we're the better way to borrow because:

Zero hidden fees

The total cost of your loan won’t ever change,there are no hidden fees or charges whatsoever. Even if you miss a payment we won’t add any extra fees.

Borrow up to £1,000

With Satsuma, as a first time customer you could borrow from £100 up to £1,000, subject to affordability, on flexible terms.

Repay monthly or weekly

You can borrow over 3-12 months and make your repayments in manageable monthly or weekly instalments on the day of the week that suits you.

Money in the hour

Have your loan in your account within one hour! Hourly payments apply between 6am-11pm.

How much do you want to borrow?