If you’re worried about your finances or have a question about your loan, you should talk to our Customer Care team. We won’t make you speak to a robot or forward you to another country. We have real people waiting to give real answers to real questions. People like Fern and Claire…


Customers don’t always realise we can help if they run into problems.

One lady felt so low after losing her job and falling behind with her repayments, she couldn’t face calling us. She didn’t think there’d be anything we could do.

Situations like these make life hard, so I understand why it’s sometimes easier to ignore the problem. When she couldn’t avoid the situation anymore, the lady picked up the phone and was surprised how much I could help.

This is what I did:

  • She talked, I listened. Simple. It’s really important to take the time to understand each person’s unique situation.

  • I reassured her we’re here to help, not to judge. We see situations like hers every day. Our biggest focus is on helping, not hindering.

  • We agreed to give her some breathing space. We talked about what she could realistically afford and when she could make her payments again.

  • Over the next few months, I helped her to bring her account up to date. All in her own time.

  • She felt relieved and happy. It was nice to know I’d helped, despite her difficulties.

It’s good to know I can assist customers in building their credit rating and making sure they’ve got affordable plans they can stick to until their loan agreement ends.

My main piece of advice is: if you’re struggling, don’t ignore it. Give us a ring, drop us a text or email us. We want to help. Whatever the situation, we’re here to get the best outcome for every customer.

“On average, I help around 70 people a day in lots of different situations. Many are people who have experienced some kind of fraud and need to update their card details.”


When a relationship breaks down, customers worry about only having one lot of money coming in and making ends meet for their children.

This happened to a customer I was speaking to. She was worried about having to pay for everything herself, so it was really important for me to help her as much as I could. Not having much money meant she found it hard to make her repayments.

This is how I helped:

  • I made sure the lady had plenty of time to explain her circumstances.

  • Throughout the conversation, I reassured her I was there to help, not to make judgements or demand money.

  • We sorted out a reduced payment and looked at making her repayments monthly instead of weekly so it was more affordable for her.

My role is all about customer service and making sure I get the best outcome for the people I speak to. The most common problem I deal with is customers who can’t make their payments due to either lack of funds, an unexpected bill, fraud or a new debit card. That said, there are very few circumstances I’ve not talked to customers about or helped them with.