Room for improvement

Give your home a fresh feel by following these cheap and simple home
improvement hacks designed for even the most amateur handyperson





Fake the space: Everyone lusts after spacious living and dining rooms. Building work isn’t feasible on a small budget, but you can ‘fake’ it with a few small changes: strip out clutter (either the bin or charity shop), remove doors and create a minimalist atmosphere with a simple colour scheme that ties the two rooms together. A great tip is to match your wall colour to your skirting boards and door frames to make the room feel taller.


Light everywhere: Heavy curtains can be cosy, but to flatter a space you need to promote light. The biggest step is replacing dark or heavy curtains with lighter ones (in both senses of the word) or using blinds which better allow natural light.


Clean the carpet: And we mean really clean the carpet. A professional-standard carpet cleaner can be purchased inexpensively, and wash out all the daily dirt your vacuum cleaner can’t collect. If you don’t have carpet, make sure the floors are regularly mopped and swept for a fresh finish that doesn’t dull.

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