The summer holidays are a challenge for any parent, but when it’s raining outside it can be even harder. Here, we have 15 ideas on how to keep your kids entertained and they’re free!

Go puddle hunting- great for rainy days. Get your waterproofs and wellies on and see who can find the biggest puddle to go splashing in! You can go to your local park or just walk around your area, you’re bound to find a puddle!

Have a DVD day- dig out old favourites and have a PJ and DVD day.

Water paint on the patio- you don’t even need a paintbrush. Get a bowl of water and paint pictures on your patio with your fingers. The water evaporates leaving no lasting damage on your patio and you can have hours of fun creating pictures.

Bring me a…- set your children the challenge of finding things in the house by asking them to bring you something specific. The first person to find the most items wins!

Photo challenge- give them an hour and a list of things you want photographing and see what you get back!

Invent a game- get creative and ask your kids to invent a new game. Ask them to write down the rules and what the game is, as well as designing any boards or things to go with it.

Find a new park- look up a new park on Google maps and find a new park to visit.

Build a den- a classic childhood past time but a favourite. Turn your living room into a den for the day and take some books in to read.

Get creative with cardboard boxes- you can create nearly anything from cardboard boxes! From cars to kitchens, let your creativity and imagination run wild!

In fact, there’s a whole YouTube channel dedicated to creating things from cardboard boxes.

Go to the library- Enjoy reading new books together and it gets the kids out of the house. You may just discover a new favourite.

Write a story- Get your kids to write a story. If you want to make it last a bit longer, give them challenges like ‘the story has to have a dog and a banana in it’. Get them to draw all the pictures for it and the front cover too.

Dig out old board games- dig out your favourite old board games and spend an afternoon enjoying them.

Play dress up with old clothes- let your kids play dress up with any old clothes which you have. You could even get them to customise them.

Make sock puppets with old socks- dig out old socks and ask your kids to create new sock puppets. They could even create a show with them.

Create a play/show- ask your kids to put on a show. It could be a dance show, an X factor style show or even a play. 

Places to visit

There are plenty of free places to visit with your kids to make summer not only cheaper but enjoyable too!

Netmums have a great list here which tells you what’s going on in your area!

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