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So the expensive Festive season is over and done with, and you may be in need of a break. Whether it’s abroad or somewhere in the UK, a long break or a short escape it is definitely something to get excited about. Holiday’s certainly don’t come cheap, but use our 5 top tips to get savvy on your holiday purchase.

1. Book In The First Quarter Of The Year

Most people would think that if you leave it till last minute you’re more likely to get a better deal; however this is not always the case. Tripsta analysed their 2016 data and found that prices are actually lowest in the first quarter of the year (January, February, March and April). This can also this allows you to spread the cost of your holiday over a number of months rather than having to stump it all up at once. So why not be savvy and organised all at the same time by planning your holidays in advance.

2.  Pick The Right Time To Fly

Research from the Independenttraveler.com shows the most expensive days to fly out is on a Friday and to fly home is a Sunday, so unless there is a very specific reason for flying on these days try and avoid them and save yourself some pennies. If you’re feeling really savvy then the cheapest days to fly are the unpopular days; Tuesday, Wednesdays followed close behind with Saturdays. Another thing to remember is the time you’re flying, go with the unsociable times either at meal times or extremely early in the morning as these are the times most people do not  want to fly and therefore the cheapest.

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3.       Avoid School Holidays

Finding the cheapest day to fly can already save you money, but we all know it’s the school holidays that really push the prices up. Surprise surprise it’s the summer period when most want to go away. If you don’t have children then try and avoid the summer holidays by going away in June, just before the kiddies break up, or early September when they’ve gone back to school. If you do have children then there isn’t an alternative but stick with the other tips to make sure your still making a saving.  When you have children, avoiding school holidays can be problematic due to the regulations of not taking children out of school, but not to worry you can still use our other tips to make sure your making a saving. 

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4.       Be Adventurous

If you can be completely flexible and open to destinations then you could bag yourself a real deal. Having the flexibility to go on holiday at any time in the year or even any place can lead you to some fantastic deals put on as “manager specials” in travel agents windows. So if you’re ready to take a walk on the wild side, keep your eyes peeled for these deals or last minute deals on sites such as teletextholidays.co.uk.

5.       Add An Extra Night To Your Holiday

Just like there is most popular days to fly there is most popular length of trips from the typical 7, 10 and 14 days or for a short break of 2 days. Try adding an extra night to your booking and this could potentially not only give you an extra day to enjoy but could also reduce your cost. 





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The cost of holidaying in the UK

The cost of holidaying in the UK

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Childcare costs