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You’ve decided you want to go on holiday, that’s the easy bit, but now it’s that daunting stage of where to start and what you need to remember. While exciting, it’s not always an easy process booking a holiday, there’s lots of things that you need to think about doing before booking and then even more when you’ve booked.

 So follow our checklist to make sure you’ve got everything covered:

  • Budget

It’s important to remember that a holiday is just an initial cost, there are the hidden costs such as holiday clothing, spending money and additional travel/parking costs to factor in. So first things first make a commitment to a set amount you wish to spend on your holiday. Being realistic up-front about your budget can allow you to search for the ideal holiday and avoid the disappointment associated with finding your dream holiday only to find that it costs double what you can realistically afford. Location.

Budgeting for a holiday is key- you can't enjoy yourself unless you have enough money to pay for essentials.
  • Location

    But where do you want to go? Normally, everyone has a rough idea of where they want to visit from Spain, France, Cornwall or even Wales, so nail down where you want to visit and then you can refine your search.

  • What’s right for you

    So, you know where you want to go and you have a rough idea of what you want to spend, so the next step is filtering your holiday choice. There are so many different options for holidays these days so it’s all about making sure you have a clear idea of what you want from your holiday. From all-inclusive to half board, from adults only to family friendly or even adventure to relaxing, have a look through your different options to make it easy when it comes to searching for suitable holidays.

  • Research

    You now know exactly what type of holiday you want so you can start searching for where you want to stay.  There are so many choices of accommodation so remember to look at star ratings, the facilities your accommodation offers, local amenities, reviews, and check their social media accounts. It’s really important that you spend a little bit of time at this stage to make sure that you’ve covered all bases to get the right accommodation for you. 


Wherever you go on holiday, make the most of it be researching before hand.
  •   Comparison

When you’ve picked your accommodation, it’s always hard not to rush straight into booking as the excitement takes hold - but let’s get savvy. Once you’ve found either your choice of accommodation or a selection - the next step is finding how much the holiday would cost if it was direct from their site, then, if you are travelling abroad check on the travel agents site such as Thomas Cook or Thompsons etc. Once you have a rough idea on price take a look at comparison sites such as Trivago or Travel Republic to check where you can get this holiday cheapest. Finally, check Quidco to see if you could potentially add some extra cashback. 

Travel insurance may seem like a burden, but it could be vitally important when going on holiday.
  • Insurance

You’ve bagged the best deal and booked your holiday so now make sure you’re covered. Some may already have insurance through their banks or pay for it annually so there’s nothing to worry about, but if you buy your travel insurance per holiday then make sure that as soon as your holiday is booked you purchase your insurance. By having it purchased from the moment you buy your holiday, it means that you’re even covered In case anything unexpected was to happen in the run up to your holiday.


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The cost of holidaying in the UK

The cost of holidaying in the UK

Childcare costs

Childcare costs

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