8 ways to improve your credit score today

Your credit score is not set in stone.  It changes constantly and the good news is there are some steps you can take to influence and improve your credit score today.....


Get a copy of your credit report

  • Check your info
  • Report any errors to original lender and CRA
  • Make sure payments & settled accounts are recorded 


Register to vote

  • You must be on the electoral roll to get credit

  •  Make sure your recorded address is correct


 Don't max out your credit cards

  • Think 'credit utilisation'
  •  Always try to use less than 30% of your limit


 Don't make too many applications for credit

  •  Searches are recorded
  •  Too many will raise a red flag with lenders


Always make your repayments on time

  • Set up direct debits
  • Schedule direct debits for pay day or following day
  • If you can make more than the minimum payment on credit card do so
  • Keep a list of regular payments as a reminder or set alarms on your phone


More credit can increase your score - but be careful

  • Small short term loans can help your score IF you make your repayments on time
  • Same applies to 'bad credit' or 'credit builder' cards
  • Always check interest rates and know how much you are borrowing before taking on credit
  • Never apply for credit you can't afford
  • Not making payments will harm your credit score


 If you are a tenant get credit for your rent

  • Rent payments can now be recorded on your credit file
  • Council / social tenants should ask about the Rent Exchange Scheme
  • Private tenants should approach their landlord


Consolidate your credit

 Cancel unused credit cards

  If using a number of cards pay off the higher interest cards and consolidate onto a single card



Don't be tempted by credit repair companies which advertise on the internet and claim they can improve your credit score.  They can't do anything you can't do yourself.  Save your money and take the steps we've outlined above to increase your score and credit rating.