A Christmas Day to remember

You know what it’s like. The turkey’s gobbled… the crackers are pulled… and your hand begins to stray towards the TV remote. But wait!! Surely you can find something more exciting to do than another “Strictly” Christmas Special? Here’s a few ideas to help you out…

Get out and about

Christmas Day is a great time to go walking because everywhere is so quiet… deserted… like the scene from a zombie apocalypse movie. And it’s the only day of the year when it’s socially acceptable to acknowledge strangers. So if you see someone else out and about, you can offer them a friendly smile and a hearty “Happy Christmas” without being greeted with a suspicious scowl.

If you live near the countryside, step out into the cold crisp air and burn off some of those Christmas calories. Or if you’re a city dweller, take advantage of the relative calm to visit your favourite places and see them in a new light. Some Europeans promenade all year round but why don’t we Brits? Just wrap up warm and make the most of your festive jumper.

Indoor activities

Remember when games used be played on a board, not a screen? Well if you’ve got kids, take them back in time and treat them to an old family favourite like Cluedo. Or if it’s just the grown-ups, try something with a bit more sizzle, like “Boxers or Briefs?”

Choose carefully, or your board game can quickly become a bored game. Steer clear of Monopoly – it takes too long. And bin the Mousetrap – there’s always a piece missing. For guaranteed laughs, why not try Balderdash or Pictionary?

Share the fun

If you’ve already confirmed your Christmas Day guests, well done – you’re more organised than most of us. If not, get writing that guest list, and remember, the more the merrier. Squeeze ‘em in around the table. And if there’s not enough seats for Uncle Bob and Auntie Madge, break out the camping chairs and invite them anyway. Because hey, that’s what Christmas is all about.

Can’t cook for that many people? Of course you can – just prep everything the day before. Then you can enjoy a fabulously stress-free Christmas Day with plenty of time for that winter walk and all those board games. You can always watch “Strictly” on catch-up!

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