Bonfire night comes round once a year. Fireworks come and go in seconds. We’ve put together some top tips to capture the best possible firework picture on your iPhone. So step aside blurry, low definition photos, some Instagram-worthy shots are in town.

Go easy on the flash - turn it off!

When it’s dark outside, your iPhone will automatically want to turn the flash on. Make sure you go to the top left hand corner of your camera screen and turn flash mode off. Flash doesn’t work for long-range shots therefore it won’t help in achieving that HD firework.

Make sure you have enough storage

You don’t want to turn up and begin your photography spree only to get the notification that you ‘don’t have enough storage’. Have a camera roll clear out, back up your photos on iCloud and delete any that you don’t need to have on your phone.

Use HDR- perfect for low light situations

HDR = High Dynamic Range. This setting takes three different photos - one at normal exposure, one at a darker exposure and one at a lighter exposure. It then combines these into one picture, which gives a more vivid image than just one exposure would.

Depending on your iPhone, HDR can either be turned on in your camera settings or it will show on the camera screen at the top.

Lock the focus and exposure

Once the firework is in view, press your finger down on the camera screen until a yellow square (AE/AF lock) appears. Once you see the yellow square- you know you’ve locked the focus and exposure and can now capture the ultimate photo.

Hold the shutter button

Hold down the shutter button (the one that takes the photo) in order to activate burst mode. This takes multiple photos rapidly, one after another, which is good for capturing moving objects. Try to stay as still as possible so you have more chance of getting the perfect shot.

Video the display and then screenshot your favourite frames

If you don’t want to spend the whole time trying to photograph the display, simply video the whole display and then screenshot the best photos afterwards. Enjoy the display and leave the work until after!

Use live mode

Live mode takes multiple moving frames of the firework display, and then automatically chooses the best one for you. If you don’t like that one, you can go back and choose your favourite!

Most importantly, enjoy the firework display and enjoy your night! Join us over on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and tell us your top tips for capturing your bonfire night.