Cut down on meat

It’s pretty obvious that meat eats up a huge chunk of food budgets. While we’re not are saying completely give up on the beef, think about swapping some meals for meat-free options. You’ll be surprised how you don’t miss the mince in a lentil spag bol. Plus, nothing says romance like a home cooked meal, especially if you do the washing up too.


Deals on date night

We admit, taking your other half to a 2-for-1 cinema night on your first date isn’t great but two years on and it’s practically a given. If you’re into your comedy or music most towns have open mic nights. For the price of a drink you can both be entertained for free for the evening.



Two drivers can be cheaper than one

It may seem weird, but adding a second driver can bring insurance costs down, especially if the second driver has a good record. This happens because they decrease the risk average. But only put them as the second driver unless they're genuinely the primary driver, or its fraud.



Use a coffee machine

Think about it, if you both have a morning latte, five times a week you’ll be spending roughly £60 a month. Ouch. Make a coffee at home and over the year you’re saving enough money to fly you both to Italy!



Pay for bad habits

Something about your other half that irritates you? Choose one of their bad habits, take a jar and get them to pop 50p in every time you catch them partaking in that bad habit. You’ll save a little money and feel happier too. Of course there’s nothing to say they can’t return the favour…



Love is cheap travel

The Two Together Railcard gives the two people named on the card a third off fares if travelling together (after 9.30am weekdays). It usually costs £30, but keep an eye out for offers. If you travel regularly, especially long distances, it soon pays for itself, and it’s available as an app so you can sign up and take advantage minutes before you board the train.

Alternatively if you do less travelling together, book tickets as far in advance as possible. In some cases you’re saving hundreds on the fare.



Have a games night

A couple that games together stays together! There are plenty of video games that couples can enjoy together, whether it be something tame like Lego Lord of the Rings or something more hardcore, like Call of Duty. Or if you’re not overly competitive, racing and fighting games can be really fun too. You’d be surprised how the hours can melt away behind a controller.



Turn bargains into a profit

Get up early on Sunday and go to a car boot sale. You can have a great time hunting down bargains. Discovering retro toys and comic books being sold well below their market value is always more enjoyable with someone at your side. You may even make some money if you have an eye for a bargain and sell your purchases for profit on eBay.



Track your savings

Keep a log (by the kettle is a good place so you don’t lose it) that you use to write down how much you saved on a purchase. Keeping a running tally of your savings can help you realise you’re getting closer to your goals. Plus you’ll feel very, very smug.

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