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Technology is changing faster than ever, with new gadgets appearing almost every day. Here are some of our favourites…

In your car

We’ve all been there…  you’ve downloaded your favourite tunes onto your phone, but when you jump in the car, all you’ve got is a scratched Justin Bieber CD and a 1980’s version of Now That’s What I Call Music. So what can you do?

Before you decide to join the ranks of the Beliebers, go buy yourself an in-car Bluetooth Transmitter – a really smart device that lets your phone connect to your car stereo.

Like most gadgets, you can pay a fortune for a top-of-the range model packed with features you’ll never need. Or you can find one that “does the job” for less than a tenner. And you’ll never have to listen to “Beauty and a Beat” ever again.

On the move

The tiny beep… the dimmed screen… aaargh! It’s the low battery warning on your smartphone. We all dread the thought of our phone battery going flat when we’re out and about. No way to make that urgent call. Cut off from social media!

If YOU suffer from low battery anxiety, help is at hand in the form of a mobile power pack. They’re about the size of a lipstick, and you can pick one up online for just a couple of quid. Or you can buy a larger one that packs enough energy to charge an iPhone up to 8 times. Plus they can recharge a tablet or just about any mobile device with a USB port.

On your head

Gaming technology has taken another leap forward with the new generation of Virtual Reality Headsets. If you’re old enough to remember the kids’ TV show Mr Benn, you’ll already be familiar with the concept. Because just like when Mr Benn put on a new costume and was instantly transported to a different place or time, that’s what happens when you put on a VR Headset. Well, virtually.

Slip one of these devices over your head and gaming takes on a new dimension, as you’re immersed in a virtual battlefield, football match, or whatever game takes your fancy. The only downside is the price - £499. Plus you’ll need a high-performance PC to run the software.

Just imagine… one day “virtual reality” will be just as lifelike as “actual reality”. Then we can take off our headsets, step back into real life and save the £499!

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