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Halloween needn’t cause your wallet a fright this year. With lots of crafty things you can make at home, we’ve just the trick (or treat!) to put on a hair-raisingly good spectacle at home!

Craft your own spooky treats

We love these Halloween hand treats made from surgical gloves. Instead of buying sweets and handing them out as they are, give the kids a Halloween to remember with a spooky, home made Halloween hand treat.  Justgloves.co.uk has a cheap selection of gloves, for as little as £1.45 for 100 pairs. Pound stores such as Poundland generally have a wide range of sweets to choose from which will help you keep the costs down.

Put on a frightfully good spread

 Don’t let the cost of putting on a good spread scare you off. From spooky eyeball cookies to boo-nana pops, we’ve found a selection of simple, but tasty treats that you can make with the kids - perfect to make on a dull October afternoon! Not only are they ideal snacks for you and the kids, they also double up as a great back up for when the trick-or-treaters’ sweets run out!

Simple decorations do the trick

When it comes to decorations, sometimes less is more, especially when it’s for the kids. Grab some orange and white balloons and a permanent marker and you’re halfway there. Draw your scariest pumpkin faces on the orange balloons and skeleton or ghost faces onto the white balloons to create some frightfully fun decorations!

The below bat garlands are quick and easy to make and are a great addition to any wall. With just a few materials needed, you won’t go batty at the cost!

Get into character

Costumes don’t always have to be scary, which is a bonus for kids costumes. To save giving your kids nightmares for years to come, why not try a fun alternative costume such as a bumble-bee or minion? These types of costumes can often be put together from clothes the kids already have, with a few additions for effect. Here’s some great last minute ideas for those that have run out of time and ideas. 

Don’t be afraid of the dark

Carving pumpkins can get very messy and require a lot of supervision when it comes to kids. DIY lanterns are a great alternative to traditional pumpkins and are a great way for the kids to get crafty themselves. Here’s a simple how to guide for some spooktacular lanterns using card and string! 


Home is where the heart is

If you don’t fancy taking the kids out trick-or-treating, why not host some fun games and activities at home? A spooky scavenger hunt at home will excite the kids into thinking on their feet in order to find the hidden sweets. Hide creepy clues around the house, helping them to problem solve on the way. You could even hide some scary surprises and decorations with each clue! Here’s a great free, printable scavenger hunt to get you started.

Enjoy the magic of movie

Sometimes getting together as a family to watch a fun Halloween movie is all you need to do the trick. Favourites such as Hocus Pocus, The Adams Family, Casper and Ghostbusters are just a few to get you in the spirit. Sit down with your Halloween treats, put your feet up and enjoy the film!

Whether you prefer to stay at home on Halloween or host your very own spooktacular party, these hacks will make your life a little easier when it comes to the night. Happy Halloween! 

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