You might be dreaming of a luxury holiday abroad, but have you thought about exploring the hidden gems that the UK has to offer? There’s plenty of adventure at your doorstep, just waiting to be discovered, places that you may not have ever thought about visiting for a holiday! Here are a few alternatives to those pricey holidays ranging from sunny beaches to winter holidays. 


Make your way to the beach

Is it the sand and sea that entices you? Have you ever considered a lower cost local alternative destination? Many dream of visiting the Maldives or the Caribbean, but there is little need when you have mind-blowing beaches in the UK. Constantine Bay in Cornwall is known for its beautiful white sand and clear blue water, just as you would expect overseas.  There is a variety of different cultures, plenty of fresh food choices from cafés to fancy restaurant and a variety activities to experience. Websites such as Trivago and help compare prices across a vast amount of hotels so you can find hotels to suit your budget. But if a hotel is out of your budget, there are other low cost options such as camping or renting a holiday home or cottages. Airbnb have a variety of options, they even have a range of luxury places.


A diving experience

Thailand is known for its excellent scuba diving and many water lovers travel to Thailand for this very reason. If you like the sound of a scuba diving holiday and an adventure to remember, then a holiday in Pembrokeshire might be a cheaper alternative. You could even enjoy this holiday as a family, as it is not only a once in a lifetime experience, but also a way to bring the family together and create some fun memories. If you’re a scuba diving beginner, there are local training sessions available to try, which cater for all water depths and ability levels. A short swimming pool training course can cost from £25pp, including your kit! A scuba diving day experience can cost you around £120 per person, including supervision from a trained instructor. For those who are a little more adventurous, there are over 500 wrecks to be explored with a range of different wildlife species and sea creatures to see. Just remember to pack your towel!


Ski in Scotland

Many would agree that France is a hugely popular Alpine country for skiers, snowboarders and snow-junkies alike. Instead of travelling to France, did you know that you could experience a winter holiday in Scotland? With a range of ski holiday resorts suitable for beginners, advanced skiers and families, why not give it a go? There are various mountain resorts for you to choose from and if you look in the right place you can find great value for money and inclusive snow sport packages.  There are a variety of hotels to choose from for your stay that are situated in the heart of the Scottish Highlands.


On your bike

Cycling through the Alps has been a popular cycling holiday for many years for those with a love of lycra and dreams of Le Tour de France, however you don’t need the Alps to enjoy getting out on your bike. Have you ever considered the Lake District as an alternative destination? A cycling holiday can be a fun family adventure and an experience you will always remember, not to mention great exercise! Save yourself jumping on a plane to Europe and enjoy the beautiful scenery we have here in the UK. The Lake District is perfect for those who are new to cycling or those who want to develop their skills before they set their sights on a more challenging cycling holiday. If you’re interested in a cycling holiday but you don’t have your own bike, why not hire one? There are various places in The Lake District where you can hire bikes for adults and children, dependant on your needs, ranging from £17.50 dependant on size of bike and how long you will need it. A cycling holiday can be as challenging or relaxing as you like, depending on what kind of pace you like to go at.  


Stay at the theme park

When we think about a theme park holiday, many of us will think of Disneyland, but did you ever think about a theme park resort here in the UK? Flamingo Land avoids the hassle of flying with a short travel by car, bus or even train! Flamingo Land is not only a theme park, it also has a zoo for people of all ages to enjoy, located in North Yorkshire. It has seven unique themed areas including children’s planet, a zoo and more! The Holiday Village includes accommodation for overnight breaks for a fraction of the price of a stay in Disneyland – specific Fir Tree Lodges include their own hot tubs (and relax ahhh)! Disneyland is known for its amazing rides but Flamingo Land has eight incredible rides in just the one resort. Not forgetting the seven cafes, three restaurants, family pub and selection of food stands just like you would get in any Disney resort be it Paris or Florida! Booking online is so easy and Flamingo Land offer a range of deals.


Experience the great outdoors

A camping holiday in Germany can be an option with its beautiful scenery and rich culture, but have you considered a camping trip to the Isle of Wight? The island is covered with fabulous natural beauty, some areas even have farms, fishing lakes and gardens for exploring, just like Germany. You can find great camping site deals with family friendly areas, indoor and outdoor pools and even Jacuzzis! And don’t forget to hunt out the famed Garlic farm!


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