Finding a hotel can be a time consuming exercise. You can also end up paying more for your chosen accommodation than you really need to. Following our travel top tips could save you money on your overnight stay, giving you more spending money for your trip!

TIP 1 – Shop around.

Using one of the many travel comparison sites such as, or can really help you to find the best deal.  Different travel operators may offer the same package, at different prices, so using one of these sites can really help keep your costs down.

TIP 2 – Booking late can save you a fortune…but so can booking early!

Hotels would much prefer to have their rooms full, and so will often offer discounts for booking at the last minute.

Websites such as and specialise in finding the best deals at short notice, and if you’re a ‘spur of the moment’ kind of person then they could really help you out so that you don’t end up paying more than you have to. 

If you’re the organised type, then booking months in advance can also be advantageous, with savings offered through early bird rates.

TIP 3 – Choose your location carefully!

Cities are naturally busy places often awash with culture and nightlife, with streets lined with museums, theatres, bars and restaurants. If your break away is all about discovery, then a city break may be your best option, however remember that cities are usually more expensive than rural areas. Of course you can stay in the UK for a city break, with London, Manchester and Liverpool being popular, but there are often deals to be had on European breaks, so why not consider a trip to Prague, Budapest, Paris or Munich, for example?

If you’re after a quieter break away, but still want to go abroad, then the picture perfect islands of Malta and Madeira could be ideal for you.

However, you don’t even have to leave the UK to get some peace and quiet. If you’d rather not deal with the airport hassle, why not book a log cabin in the Yorkshire dales, a cottage in a wondrous Welsh village, or take a tour of the scenic Scottish highlands?

TIP 4 – The Secret Hotel.

Some websites offer a “mystery hotel” deal, where the identity of your hotel is kept a secret until the night before your arrival. As an incentive, this type of deal is usually heavily discounted. There’s not too much risk in this either, with it being mainly four and five star hotels who keep their deals under wraps. Sites such as Secret Escapes, and Trivago are good sites to check.

TIP 5 – Use your smartphone!

Some sites have app-only deals, which can see a reduction in cost of anywhere between 10 and 40% on bookings.

If you’d rather deal with a hotel directly then give them a call and have a good old-fashioned haggle! 

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