How to track Santa

In the “good old days”, the only way kids could connect with Santa was by posting their Christmas list to the North Pole, or maybe visiting the big guy in-person at a high-street grotto. But today, the Santa experience has become much more interactive. Here’s how to join in…

Santa Tracker

Norad Santa Tracker

North American Aerospace Defense Command – or NORAD – is the arm of the US military responsible for detecting attack “by aircraft, missiles, or space vehicles”, which means they have plenty of satellites up in the earth’s stratosphere. And on Christmas Eve, they dedicate their top eye-in-the-sky to tracking Santa, which means you and the kids can watch all the action live on the NORAD website Or if you’re out and about, download the app.                             

You can track his journey from 8.00am UK time when he’ll be landing on remote islands in the Pacific. Then he’ll be whizzing off to New Zealand, Australia, Japan and Asia, heading west towards Europe. The excitement build as he nears the UK, but make sure you’re all tucked up in bed and fast asleep before he arrives, because he won’t leave any presents if he knows you’re awake. Without realising they’re having a fun geography lesson too!!

A call from Clause

Santa’s “elves” (or in this case, Google techies) have developed a fab app that lets you set up a call from Father Christmas – which is pretty amazing considering how busy he is right now.

You can personalise the message by age and gender, and you can tailor the theme of the call so Santa rewards good behaviour by putting your child’s name on the “nice” list. Or he can threaten your little monsters with the “naughty” list! You can even schedule when you want the call to take place. And if you’re feeling a bit left out – why not treat yourself to a Santa call? Go on, you know you want to, there are multiple apps out – why not try ‘A Call From Santa’ or Call Santa Voicemail apps.

Portable North Pole

Portable North Pole is another great way to add some sparkle to the Santa experience. This site lets you create video messages from Father Christmas - magical experiences for the little ones, and perfect for older kids who are starting to question whether Santa really exists.

There’s loads of free stuff on the site, but you’ll have to pay for premium features like personalised videos and access to the elf house - we guess even Santa has to cover his costs.

You can also visit Santa’s village where your kids can meet the elves, enjoy seasonal stories and uncover some sensational Santa secrets. Plus there are festive recipes, quizzes and printable games and activities. And that’s all free.

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