Christmas wrapping is a necessity every year, there’s no way of avoiding it (unless you just don’t buy Christmas presents at all- bah! Humbug!). But there are ways to liven it up and maybe even have a bit of fun with it. We’ve come up with 10 cheaper and more creative ways to make your Christmas gifts really stand out this year (and make everyone else a little jealous that they didn’t think of it first).



(Once you’ve actually read it). Use your recycled newspaper to wrap your presents this year, add some ribbon and a bow to give it that something extra. All you need is your newspaper, scissors, sellotape and a bow!

 Newspaper Wrapping



If you deem yourself the more creative type, doodle away all over plain paper and use this. Show off your talent. Remember, it’s the thought that counts and this adds a really nice touch.


Tin foil / baking paper

You don’t even have to leave the comfort of the kitchen, use your kitchen essentials to package your presents. Be careful with the tin foil though as it rips very easily and you don’t want to be reattempting it 10 times.



Rediscover your old map book that you don’t use and get wrapping. It will make your Christmas gifts really stand out (and even provide some potential travel inspiration depending on where your map is for).


Use a nice scarf/tea towel

You can then reuse this multiple times for future presents (also very environmentally friendly) or you could give it as a second thoughtful gift for the recipient. Tea towels may sometimes be a bit small and thick for larger presents so you could use a scarf in these cases.

Cloth Wrapped


Self-printed paper

A fun one for the kids to help with, you can create shapes out of potatoes and dip into paint then transfer these shapes onto plain paper. * Disclaimer* Make sure to blot before you stamp to avoid a blobby mess (we can officially say this has been tried and tested).


Music sheets

If you’re into your music and have some spare sheet music lying around the house, recycle it by gifting your presents in it. Alternatively, if you just want to come across as the musical type or know a musical lover then you can print some off the Internet instead (you could even find the sheet music for the recipients favourite song and see if they notice).


Rustic wrapping

Keep it simple with some plain brown paper and string. If you want to add something a little more, put a bit of greenery on top such as pine and keep it in the rustic theme.


Put your gift into a jar or a cute paper bag with ribbon

You know how they’ve started putting cakes in a jar? Start putting your Christmas presents in one (if they fit that is) or fill the jar up with something thoughtful and creative and decorate with a bow. Alternatively, a paper bag could make for a good present holder, close it with a sticker, put a bow around the handles and you’re all set.


Word search

Give them a few puzzles to do before they unwrap their gift… make them really work for it. Or instead make them find the name of who the present is for in the word search!

Wordsearch Wrap


Baubles on the bow

Buy a few small baubles from your local supermarket and add them onto the bow to make your present stand out.


If you need any help with creating the above ideas, see the videos on our Facebook and Twitter pages.