As Christmas is a time for giving, you may want to help make Christmas a little nicer for someone else. We’ve listed some ideas should you want to give a little extra, or a little time.


Some charities will want volunteers for Christmas, others will want a longer commitment, so it’s always best to check in your local area what’s available and what’s wanted. One charity that would like volunteers is Crisis, a homeless charity who not only are looking for volunteers to chat and serve food, but are also looking for medical professionals, hairdressers and logistics volunteers. You can find out more here []

Volunteer with the Elderly

According to Age UK, nearly 400,000 older people were worried about being lonely in 2014 at Christmas. []. Community Christmas [] has some details on how you can help. This could include running a community lunch event or just popping in on someone for a cup of tea, a chat and some cake.

Food Banks

According to the Trussel Trust , more than 500,000 three day emergency food parcels were distributed to people in crisis in first half of 2016 []. Why not add something extra to your trolley this Christmas and donate food to help people who are struggling in your local area. You can find where your nearest food bank is here []

Donate Gifts

You could add an extra person to your Christmas present list and give a gift to someone who would otherwise go without. There are a few charities running gift schemes, here are a few:

Salvation Army []

Save The Children []

Great Ormond Street []

Oxfam []

Remember to check each charities guidelines on what items they would like donated.

Clear Out

Why not have a clear out and get rid of old clothes and toys? Give them to charity shops who can then sell them on. It clears space for you and could be just what someone’s looking for!


A good excuse to get all festive and do something good! You can organise your own carol service for Alzheimers [] and Children’s Society []

Alternatively, why not just attend carol services? Your ticket cost will help raise money and you get an evening of Christmas entertainment. A list of the carol services going on includes:

Age UK []

Breast Cancer Care []

Macmillan []


Donate Money

If you don’t have time to volunteer, why not just make a one off donation to the charity of your choice?

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