Want the latest looks in your home but don’t want to have to spend a fortune to do so? Well we’ve come up with some ways to get a luxury looking home in time for Christmas and at an affordable price. Use these nifty tips to ensure you enjoy your festive season in style!

Keeping it simple, keeps it luxurious

The phrase, ‘less is more’ is often underestimated, especially around this time of year. If you want your house to look elegant and classy over the holiday season, don’t go too over the top with decorations and colours as your house will look cluttered. Stick to a colour theme with all your decorations, go for traditional colours such as silver, gold, red and green, for a classic Christmas look. 

Edible Decorations!

Gingerbread house
Christmas chocolates

Since Christmas is mainly about the food, it’s true everyone gets excited for the food at Christmas, why not make a decoration that is edible! Simply fill a clear vase/ bowl/ large jar with wrapped sweets or chocolate, try sweets or chocolates wrapped in gold or royal colours.  As these may impress your guests, they might feel guilty about eating one, meaning your decoration stays intact. You could place it anywhere in your house, from a coffee table to the kitchen table. Alternatively if you are in the mood for baking why not get the kids involved in making a gingerbread house. The gingerbread will even last until the end of the festive season so you can gobble it all up then! Use this link for recipes and templates for your house;



Having an extravagant wreath on your front door doesn’t have to cost a fortune. A simple imitation can be cheap and easy to create yourself. You’ll be chuffed when you create a lovely work of art to present on your front door as you welcome your guests into your home, plus there are so many varieties of wreaths that you really can’t go wrong! Start by using some foliage such as fir, you can buy this in bulk or cut it straight from the garden, and add anything you fancy, from mistletoe to pine cones and baubles. Try spraying some pine cones silver for a frosty look, and add a big red bow at the bottom to bring the wreath together. 

Christmas wreath

For some different ideas, Martha Stewart is here to help;


Bring the outside inside


Decorated candles
Decorated stairway

If you have any left over materials from making your wreath, use them to decorate inside the house, which will add a warm, rustic touch. Wrap the left over foliage around a candle, along with some holly and red berries and you’ve created the perfect ornament to go above the fireplace or on a bookshelf. Alternatively, spread the foliage up the stairs along the banister. You could add some fairy lights to brighten it up as well. For a more simple option, grab some autumn leaves from the garden, leave them to dry out and spray them gold or silver. These will look great purely hung up together in a row.

Luxe tree looks

To get a luxe looking Christmas tree this year ensure you make the most out of your tree whether it’s a real one or a fake. Spread the branches out as much as possible, making it as wide and tall as it will go. Stick to the traditional colours, red, silver and gold to ensure they match the green of your tree. This goes for all tree decorations: baubles, tinsel, ribbons and stars. Ensure that all your decorations are evenly distributed across the whole tree, try and ensure each decoration is at every level of the tree.

Stylish Decorations

Making your dinner table look visually appealing is one way to get a luxe look this Christmas. From simple matching napkins with cutlery tucked in, to a beautiful centrepiece, find a way to match your table to the festive season.  One simple centrepiece is to fill a couple of jam jars or clear vases with fairy lights and baubles or holly.

For further inspiration visit our Savvy Christmas blog.


Table decorations

This slightly more extravagant centrepiece for your table will marvel and amaze when it only takes minutes to make! Start off with a large clear vase/ glass container, a large jam jar would be suitable too, place some pine cones and holly at the bottom. Then put some branches in that hang over the edge of the container. Hang baubles or silver thread from the branches, be creative here but keep them the same colour. See the right image for how the finished piece should look, and for some further ideas, why not take a look here.



Table centrepiece
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