Summer has arrived and we’re here to get you ready with some money saving, money making and fun ideas that everyone will love.

Whether you have children or not, along with the wonderful sunshine filled months can come a lot more expense. We’ve got lots of fun ideas and some great ways to help you save money this summer.


Start Saving Now

If you can, why not start saving a little bit of extra money each week so that when summer arrives you don’t have to worry about your budget going up? Get yourself a money jar so you can set aside a few quid at the start of each week.

If you can save between £20 and £100 for at least five weeks you'll have a very useful war chest ready for any unexpected expenses that inevitably appear during the long, hot days.


Cheap Things to do This Summer

Warmer weather means there'll be a lot of free events in different areas of the country. Instead of going out for lunch with family or friends on a lovely sunny day, why not make a delicious picnic and spend the day at your local park? You can look up great picnic recipes here and even make some delicious ice lollies also from the BBC Good Food website.

If you're struggling for ideas about what to pack in your picnic basket, here's our useful random picnic generator to give you a few ideas. Just hit "pause" and see what it suggests!

At outdoor events there is usually free entertainment for everyone, allowing you to be a little more relaxed about your money during a fun day out.

Create some family and friendly fun by suggesting a barbecue instead of an expensive day trip. You can take the heat off the host by suggesting that each guest brings along food for everyone to share. That way you have a variety at a shared cost.

Feeling the heat? You can buy a cheap paddling pool for as little as £9.99 at Argos. A little money can go a long way and last you a long time.

Keep a look out for free events and festivals in your area. You can also use this great Where Can We Go website to find cheap or free events local to you.


Fun Ways to Make Some Extra Money

Free events really make your summer that little bit more entertaining and can massively reduce the stress that's built up in the first half of the year.

But there are also some great ways to make a little extra money, too. Anyone can make money, regardless of your age or skills, by coming up with fun and productive ideas throughout the summer months.

Some ideas include:

  • Local bake sales,
  • Lemonade stands,
  • Garden sales to sell old toys, clothes and other collectibles,
  • Clear out the cupboards and take it all to a car boot sale,
  • Make and sell crafts.

You could opt to help out friends, family or neighbours by dog walking, house sitting or babysitting.

You can also assist with any chores people need help with such as mowing lawns, washing cars and helping out with other odd jobs. If you're good with a few tools, you might be amazed how your seemingly basic DIY skills are often in high demand.

You can find local groups on Facebook which will tell you if anyone needs help in your area.

Use your skills

Artistic skills

If you have some great artistic skills, you could offer to paint houses, or create occasion cards or home decorations to sell online.

Writing skills

Are you creative and great at writing? If so you can use your skills to do some freelance writing. Read 20 ways to find freelance writer jobs here.

If you also have great spelling, punctuation and grammar skills you can apply to be a Mystery Shopper here. Mystery shoppers visit shops, restaurants and other business to assess the quality of goods or services.

Would you like to get paid to compete online surveys? Have a look at Save The Student’s best paid online survey sites.

Are you interested and passionate about any topics? Why not start a blog and promote it on social media? Read how to make money with social media here.

Maths and Science

If you have some great maths and science skills, you could offer to tutor family, friends or neighbours doing their eleven-plus, GCSEs or A levels.


Are you handy with a camera and want to develop your skills and experience further? Read some tips on how to be a successful freelance photographer here.


If you have any videography skills, you could create your own YouTube channel on a subject that you are passionate about.

Take all or some of the suggestions above on board and you are sure to have a more relaxing, fun and manageable summer budget.

Tell us your own ideas for bringing in a bit of extra pocket money during the summer months over on Twitter, and we'll add them to the list!