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Frozen food is a modern day necessity. Most of us rely on the convenience of grabbing a ready meal when we’re in a rush or a back-up supply of pre-prepared party foods for when those unexpected guests show up! But what happens in the event of a freezer breakdown?

Getting your freezer back up and running will be your main priority. While most of us try to budget for such an emergency situation, sometimes we don’t have the funds available to finance the job straight away.

In addition to the cost of repairing or replacing the appliance, there’s the expense of replacing the contents. If you don’t have adequate insurance, you’ll have to foot some or all of the bill yourself.

Repair or replace?

Depending on the damage, it might be cheaper to repair your freezer rather than buying a replacement. UK White Goods (2016) research shows that kitchen appliance repairs on average can costs as little as £65-£75.

Research from Consumer Reports in 2014 revealed that people who used independent repair shops were charged less and were more satisfied with the repair work than those who used a factory service.

However, if your freezer is still under the manufacturer’s warranty, you’ll need to use a factory-approved repair shop or you could risk voiding the warranty. Make sure you check your warranty before doing anything.

freezer replacement costs quote

You can expect to pay between £120 and £1,000 for a replacement freezer depending on the type – upright, under-counter, integrated or chest.

Freezer food

Whether you’re storing supplies for a summer party or stocking up for Christmas – from joints of meat to finger foods – your frozen goods can add up to a substantial sum.

Even your everyday convenience foods can tally up, costing you hundreds of pounds to replace in the event of a power failure or breakdown that results in defrosted and inedible food. As a general rule, it’s not advised to let the temperature of frozen foods to rise above 4 degrees Celsius (40 degrees Farenheit) if you plan to re-freeze them.

Freezer cover

If the estimated value of your freezer contents is a considerable amount, freezer cover could be a worthwhile spend. Depending on the policy type, you could be covered for the value of your food losses and the temporary hire of a replacement freezer.

Always consider your excess costs when taking out a policy of this type – your pay-out will be reduced by your agreed excess, so it may be most cost-effective to cover the costs yourself or your premiums may rise next year.

How a Satsuma loan works:

In the unexpected event of a freezer breakdown, if you don’t have adequate insurance or if your finances won’t stretch to meet the cost of a replacement, you may need to borrow funds.

You might consider applying for a Satsuma loan – a fresh way of covering your costs. You can apply for a loan of up to £1,000, subject to affordability, and choose to repay it over a term that suits you – from 3 to 12 months – in manageable monthly or weekly instalments.

You’ll always know the total cost of your loan upfront and as we do not charge any additional fees, ever, you’ll never pay a penny more!

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