Love means never having to delete your search history

How would romantic films play out for the social media generation?

What would it be like if classic moments from silver screen romance happened today? Would it play out just the same? Would smartphones get in the way? Could stumbling upon someone on Tinder really be the same as bumping into them in the street? Do grand gestures translate to the Instagram generation or would the leading lady be ghosted, and the hunk of the screen benched?

We think it could go a little like this.


Notting Hill

You’ve got to move quick on Tinder when a famous celeb drops into your search area.


A mock up of a tinder match bewteen Will and Anna in Notting Hill


Pride & Prejudice

Who needs a swim in the lake to show off their abs now eh Darcy?

A mock up of Mr Darcy posting on Instagram in Pride and Prejudice


A mock up of Instagram comments in Pride and Prejudice



An Officer and a Gentleman

There’s no grand gesture quite like making it FBO.


A mock up of a conversation in WhatsApp from the movie An Officer and a Gentleman


Romeo & Juliet

“Romeo, Romeo, where for art though Romeo”. Let’s see if I can find your iPhone…

A mock up of Romeo accepting Juliet's friend request in Romeo and Juliet


Chasing Amy

When you’ve finally plucked up the courage to tell bae how you really feel.

A mock up of a photo on Facebook from the movie Chasing Amy



Gone with the Wind

Is text the best place to reveal your true feelings?

Mock up of a text message conversation bewteen Scarlett and Rhett in Gone With the Wind

Another mock up of a conversation via text from the movie Gone With the Wind


The Graduate

Sometimes it pays to have your parents on social media.

A mock up of a conversation in WhatsApp from the movie The Graduate


Forgetting Sarah Marshall

It’s much harder to forget with hours spent staring at Facebook.

a mock up of Peter Blocking Sarah Marshall on Facebook


10 Things I Hate About You

Is there anything more embarrassing than recording yourself putting everything out there? Who knows it might go viral…

a group chat conversation in WhatsApp imagined from the movie 10 Things I Hate About You


Jerry Maguire

Who needs to put the groundwork in when you can get right into it on Tinder messaging?

A Tinder conversation between Jerry and Dorothy in the movie Jerry Maguire


The Notebook

Time to make sure she really noticed you with some well-timed Instagram chat.

Instagram comments from Noah Calhoun in The Notebook