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Got a pet? Whether you own a goldfish or a golden retriever, you’ll know how rewarding it can be to care for an animal. But keeping a pet can be expensive, so we’ve some top tips to help you keep costs under control.

Pet insurance

If your furry friend is injured or falls ill, vet fees can give your bank balance a serious bashing. So it’s sensible to protect yourself against the financial shock of a vet visit. But choosing the right pet insurance can be confusing.

Most providers offer 4 options. Accident Only is the cheapest and most basic option, and generally covers just emergency treatment. Time Limited cover typically offers treatment of specific conditions for a 12-month period, after which time you won’t be covered. And Maximum Benefit insurance covers you for ongoing treatment, but the cover will be capped each year - usually at around £1,500. Lifetime cover is the most comprehensive option, with no limit on the length of period you can claim, so long as you renew your policy each year.

Next time you’re renewing your pet insurance or taking out new cover, make sure you choose the policy that’s right for you. And always shop around to get the best price.

Pet essentials

The pet industry is booming, with dog groomers popping up on almost every high street, and countless pet accessory shops on the web offering everything from cat couture to designer dog dresses. But your pet probably isn’t as brand conscious as you – so avoid the £275 doggy tuxedo (yes, you really can buy one), and stick to practical gear that will keep your pet warm, safe and happy.

We all want our pets to enjoy good quality food, but you don’t have to buy the most expensive brand to guarantee them a healthy, balanced diet. If you take the time to compare the different brands available, you’ll find most of the ingredients are very similar. And so long as you choose the right mix of feed, a cheaper brand could be just as tasty and nutritious.

Love your pet? Share the love

Pet owners usually have three options when planning a summer holiday. You can take your pet with you. If you’ve a dog or cat, you can put them into kennels or a cattery. Or you can ask friends or family to look after your pet while you’re away.

But many destinations aren’t pet friendly, and not everyone has friends who share their love of animals. Which leaves kennels or cattery, and they can be expensive. Thankfully, there’s now another option.

BorrowMyDoggy is a website and app that connects dog owners with dog lovers. Borrowers get to look after a dog, without the full-time commitment of owning one. And dog owners get someone to look after their pet while they’re away. So everyone’s a winner – including your pooch.








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