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Replacing white goods

Ah, white goods.  Which, confusingly, can now be silver, black, red or any other colour, are the time-saving, must-have items we just can't do without.  Those dependable appliances which just keep working day in, day out.  Until, one day, they don't.

When this happens we’re in a real pickle, a world of pain and have an almighty stressor about how we’re going to be able to afford to replace the now useless lump of metal sat sadly in the corner of the kitchen.

Our food starts to defrost, our clothes go unwashed or our ready meals aren’t so ready.  The world may well be coming to an end. 

We’re exaggerating, but only a little.  We do depend on our kitchen appliances and it’s beyond frustrating when they go wrong and we’re faced with buying a replacement.  

Why do things always go wrong at the worst possible times?

A broken appliance never comes at a convenient time. It is very rarely something we see coming or are really prepared for.

Of course, there are some appliances that we can wait to replace for longer than others.  If you need a new oven there's always the microwave in the meantime and vice versa. 

But if your washing machine has broken down this can be a real headache, especially if you have no relatives, friends or even a launderette nearby. 

Same story with your freezer, you can't really do without it.  We should be able to cope without frozen ready meals but it's a big ask in most modern households.

So, we need to buy a replacement, but what’s it going to cost? 

Average costs of white goods

I've used a price guide from Which to help identify some of the expected costs of replacing an appliance with a new, more reliable one: 

 Costs of 'Best Buy' Appliances

Best Buy Appliance

Average Cost

Freestanding Oven

£300 - £400

Built in Oven

£200 - £300

Built in Hob

£150 - £200



Combination Microwave


Fridge (Size/Requirements Dependent)

£300 - £800

Freezer (Size/Requirements Dependent)

£120 - £1000

Fridge-Freezer (Size/Requirements Dependent)

£400 - £1500



Washing Machine


Tumble Dryer





Those prices are just a guide of course.  Shop around and you will find great bargains at ridiculously low prices or you may have expensive tastes and only buy top of the range white goods.

But, the table gives a fair idea of the costs you will face when you need to buy a replacement fridge, freezer or washing machine.   

Where's the money coming from?

It's the question which flashes through your mind the instant you see the flash of light as the microwave packs up or the bang which signals the washing machine has finally checked out for good.

If you’ve got any rainy day money put away, then it may not mean breaking the bank to replace a faulty fridge or washing machine.  But if like most of us you don't have much savings and you can't borrow money from family or friends, then it can be quite a worrying time. 

Rent to own

One option is go look at the rent to own stores on the high street. These stores allow you to lease an appliance until you have paid an agreed amount at which point it becomes yours.  The drawback in buying this way is the lack of choice and it can become very expensive.  You should carefully consider the final costs after all the fees and interest you will need to pay.

If however, you'd prefer to buy your new washing machine, microwave or other appliance outright, or the high street rent to own stores don't stock the model you want, a better alternative for you could be a short term loan. This will also allow you to shop around for the best deal. 

Short term loans

Unlike a payday loan which has to be paid back in a single lump sum, usually within 30 days, and can include extra charges, a short term loan from Satsuma is repayable in manageable instalments.  You can choose to pay either monthly or even weekly and there are no fees ever, so you always know exactly how much you owe. You can apply here.








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