For some, wrapping Christmas presents means sticking on the Christmas classics CD, burning a Christmas candle and working your lovingly-bought presents into a pile of festive joy- all done in your Christmas jumper of course! For others, the yearly fumble with a mountain of wrapping paper, ribbon and sellotape on Christmas Eve is enough to send them into a festive fury, with more sellotape stuck on them than the present. Whichever camp you fall into, we’ve got some helpful wrapping hacks that will make you into a wrapping pro!

Simple hacks

To start off with, we’ve given you some simple tips you’ll need before you begin your wrapping;

  • For those of you wrapping presents for your children, keep them guessing by wrapping the present in a bag first to disguise the feel of it.
  • Make sure you wrap on a hard surface to eliminate any creases that will cause your gift to look untidy.
  • Pre cut the sellotape you will need so you’re not trying to do more than you can with two hands.
  • Wrap the present with the front faced down, this will mean the sellotape will be on the bottom and gift tag/bow can be visible on the front.

When you’re time-strapped

Become a wrapping ninja like this department store worker (see link below)! One present, two pieces of sellotape and sheet of paper, in only 12 seconds flat. Imagine getting your entire Christmas shopping haul wrapped in 10 minutes, especially if it usually takes you 12 seconds just to find the end of the sellotape! Learn the moves by watching this video along with some other wrapping techniques; you may need to watch a few times- at least it’s only 12 seconds long!

Difficult shapes



Christmas cracker

There is no such thing as cheating in present wrapping so long as the outcome looks great who cares how you did it! To avoid getting the reputation of being an ‘ugly wrapper’ put oddly shaped gifts into shoeboxes or tins to make the wrapping easier. A fun way to wrap cylindrical gifts is to wrap them into a cracker shape. Wrap around the middle and sellotape, then twist the sides tightly so they stay in this shape (use a little sellotape if they don’t).

Alternative wrapping options

To make it more fun for the kids, why not wrap your present in layers? Like the party game ‘pass the parcel’, this will get them even more excited to open each layer! You could even use old newspapers or magazines so you save some money on wrapping paper. For those smaller, more precious gifts, why not use an old toilet roll as a case? Simply push the ends in, so you have four corners, finish by wrapping a little ribbon round the middle and ta - dah you’ve made your very own gift box! For more tips, read this article:


Christmas gift

Alternative gift tags

Use handcrafted gift tags to make each present more personal. You could print off a (funny) picture of the person the gift is for and tie it to the gift instead of writing their name. Use the front page of old Christmas cards you received to cut out gift tags and write on the back. All you need is some card, string, scissors and pens to write. If gift tags aren’t your thing, why not buy a gold or silver marker and write their name onto the gift.

Christmas gifts

Remember it’s the thought that counts, nobody will remember how their present was wrapped but that you thought about them this Christmas.

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