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Spring is the most popular season to give your garden a makeover. When winter is over, most gardens need some work to clear the debris, feed the lawn, get rid of the moss and give the flower beds a good raking. But this is no easy feat if you don’t have the right tools for the job. Gardening equipment doesn’t come cheap; even just the basic essentials – a lawnmower, hedge trimmer, rake and shovel – can add up to hundreds of pounds. However, they are an investment if you plan to spend the summer days ahead enjoying your revamped outdoor space.

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Garden plants

It’s always a joy to see your garden come alive after winter – the highlights are spring bulbs, flowering shrubs and tree blossom. Spring is always a busy season for gardeners so get ahead with your weeding and take time to sow seeds. Invest in magnolias, ‘Spring Green’ tulips, and grape hyacinths (among the best plants for spring) and be the envy of your neighbours.

Gardening tools

Make garden maintenance easier with the right tools and equipment. From composters and bins to pruners, spades and digging tools – think carefully about the size and purpose of your garden, then buy accordingly. Having the correct tools for the job will make the work easier, faster and will produce a higher quality finish.

Garden furniture

If you’ve invested your time in giving your garden a spring makeover – you’ll need some furniture so you can sit outside and enjoy it. Whether you have a spacious lawn, a compact patio or a narrow balcony, there are styles to suit all spaces, including rattan, teak and metal garden sets. Alternatively, you can enjoy the luxury of lounging beds, a swing chair or hammock.

Garden lighting

With clever outdoor lighting, you can enjoy entertaining in your garden at night, as well as during the day. Don’t make the mistake of installing too many spotlights or a single, powerful bulb that washes out the entire garden; aim to carefully balance areas of illumination with areas of shadows and darkness. A selection of smaller lights strategically placed throughout the garden will work better than a single source of illumination.

Garden fencing

Give your garden added privacy and strong-standing boundaries with fencing, screening or a trellis. It’s a more expensive option but if you plan to stay in your property for years to come, it will be a worthwhile investment. Often charged per fence panel, be sure to measure accurately before you buy.

Sustainable gardening

Build a garden that’s good enough to eat! This can help you reduce your environmental footprint by increasing carbon storage, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and contributing to plant and animal biodiversity.

How to create a sustainable garden:

  •         Plant trees – this helps to store carbon from the atmosphere into the soil
  •         Grow your own organic food – this helps to reduce the distance your food travels before it hits your plate, but it also helps to save water and fossil fuels
  •         Create a waste compost – reducing the waste going in to landfill and enabling you to use your own compost in your garden
  •         Have animals in mind – arrange a variety of plants to provide a habitat for animals, birds and beneficial insects


Gardening costs can quickly add up so make sure you think about what you need and plan effectively to make the most of your spring garden makeover.

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