What can you get for a fiver these days? A cinema ticket if you split the 2 for 1 offer or maybe a Maccy D’s if you don’t go large. It can easily get expensive if you want to do more than just binge-watch Netflix all summer. Here are some fun things to do this summer without breaking the bank.


Watch a flick under the stars

Pack up a picnic and head to Muncaster Castle in Cumbria over the summer to experience classic cult and horror films. The ticket price includes the cost of camping too. Over in Cardiff, Depot will be opening its doors and kicking off a run of pop-up events including hot-tub cinema nights no less.


Climb A Wall Of Ice. Yes, like in Game of Thrones

Rock climbing not gnarly enough for you? Cool off from the summer heat by trying indoor ice climbing instead. Beginners can join 90-minute taster sessions and get to grips with crampons and ice axes at Kong Adventure in Keswick. Or head to Ice Factor in Kinlochleven where the world’s biggest indoor ice climbing wall is made from around 500 tonnes of snow and is 12 metres tall.


Take part in the ‘Olimpicks’

The annual Cotswold Olimpicks attracts thousands of spectators and features some well-known countryside games such as tug-of-war and wrestling, along with a few bizarre ones, including shin-kicking. It’s a real sport, trust us. Even the National Trust refer to the event as “home of the Shin Kicking World Championships”.


Play retro arcade games

The first rule of Arcade Club is no one talks about Arcade Club. For a tenner you have a whole arcade packed with free-play retro video games including Paperboy and Atari Star Wars. Check out what games you can take on, on their website and prepare to overuse the expression 'wow'. The club has an adults-only session every Friday from 6pm until midnight.


Watch the world cup

Ah, football. Nothing brings people together like the beautiful game. Hitting the sofa to check out the footy is a timeless way for footie loving folks to hang out. And whilst it’s not quite the same as being there it’s a great deal cheaper. Find out which of your friends has the biggest screen and decamp there with snacks and cans.


Become a treasure hunter (pirate costume optional)

Chances are you dumped Pokémon Go last year but have you tried Geocaching? Geocaching is a world-wide GPS based treasure hunt. Use the website or the app to locate Geocaches nearby, find them and leave a message in the log book. You then return the geocache where you found it and share you experience online. There are thousands of Geocaches around the UK – can you find all the ones near you?


A day at the races

If Ascot or Aintree are going to kill the bank balance and you’re near King’s Lynn, think World Snail Racing Championships. Snails are pitted against each other in a whopping 33cm race. The world record is currently held by Archie who smashed it in two minutes back in 1995. You can bring along your own snail too. Yes, really.


Sunslider Festival

Head to the Sunslider Festival for a 1000 foot, three-lane waterslide. The festival will be heading to Sheffield, before pulling up in Scunthorpe, Manchester, London, Bristol and Leeds.


Barbecue on a budget

Ignite your inner Jamie or Nigella and become the king or queen of the barbecue. If you can’t afford expensive brands jazz up the cheaper ones yourself. We love cutting sausages lengthways and stuffing with cheddar before wrapping the whole thing in bacon. Cheap cuts of chicken such as the thighs are often overlooked but they are full of flavour!


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