From falling asleep in each other’s arms to arguing over who stole the duvet, moving in together can give you an entirely new insight into your relationship – for better or for worse! So how do our expectations about shacking up compare to the reality?

We surveyed two sets of UK adults* – those who are planning on moving in with a partner soon and those who recently moved in together– to find out what men and women find most annoying about living with their other half.

Here, we’ve explored our survey’s findings through the lives of Ellie and Dan – a (fictional) couple who have recently moved in together……

5 things women find annoying: Ellie’s story

When Ellie met Dan, she knew he wasn’t perfect – after all, he turned up to their first date wearing brown shoes with grey trousers!

However, after 11 blissful months of dating, moving in together seemed like the natural thing to do, especially as both of their tenancies were up for renewal. But she had no idea what she was getting herself into…

According to our survey, cleanliness is the thing women think they’re most likely to argue with their partner about*.

The Dishes: expectation vs reality
The bathroom floor: expectation vs reality
The toilet: expectation vs reality
Cleaning: expectation vs reality
Shaving: expectation vs reality

The top 5 things men find annoying: Dan’s story

It’s so cheesy that he’d never say it out loud, but Dan fell in love with Ellie on their very first date. There was something about the way she pronounced ‘chorizo’ that made him smile.

Over the next 11 months, he did everything he could to keep her on the hook. When they decided to move in together, it just felt right but he didn’t realise just how much he had to learn…

When asked what men think they’re most likely to argue about with their live-in partner, our survey revealed cleanliness and food are their main concerns. Explore the top pain-points that men have about living with their other half.

Hair clips: expectation vs reality
Emptying the bins: expectation vs reality
The fridge: expectation vs reality
The bath: expectation vs reality
Clothes in the bedroom: expectation vs reality

*Satsuma Loans surveyed 605 Brits via OnePoll to calculate what people’s partners’ most annoying habits are. All characters are completely fictional and any resemblance to real life individuals is purely coincidental.