Need some fun ideas on how to beat boredom this summer? It can be hard to think of ways to entertain yourself throughout the long summer days so we're here to help. There's something to suit everyone so choose as many busters as you like from our wide variety below.

1. Listen to podcasts.

Our top five podcasts for you to listen to are:

  • Stuff you should know
  • TED Talks
  • Revisionist History
  • The Infinite Monkey Cage
  • Getting curious with Jonathan Van Ness / Planet Money


2. Go out and play tennis

Fancy a fun game of tennis with a friend? Find various tennis courts in public parks throughout the UK here.


3. Go on a walk and explore somewhere new

Choose from the 10 most beautiful walks in the UK.


4. Teach yourself a card trick

Everyone loves a magician, and most people are impressed by their mind-blowing skills. For beginners, try learning these easier tricks. For the more advanced magicians out there, try learning a harder trick.


5. Start your own blog/vlog

Interested in a specific topic such as fashion or food? Or are you interested in a bit of everything? Why not start a blog or vlog for free to share your unique views and style with the public? Free blog platforms include:

If you think you're better in front of the camera and would rather choose to create a vlog, YouTube and Vimeo are great platforms to do this.


6. Have a movie day

Watch a great film alone or with friends or family. Check out IMDB's top 250 movies.


7. Start learning a language via an app

Ever fancied learning another language? There's an array of benefits to being bilingual, so get started on Duolingo.


8. Read free magazines online

There are thousands of magazines online which you can access for free. Learn more about topics you're interested in, from animals and the planet to makeup and clothing brands.


9. Dig out old games consoles

Do you have an old Nintendo or PlayStation that you put into storage and has now been forgotten about? Dig it back out and play some of your favourite old-school games. Crash Bandicoot is our personal favourite.


10. Have a clear out

There's nothing more satisfying that a good old clear out. Clear your wardrobe of old clothes you never wear and either give them to a charity shop or sell them online. You could also clear out any other storage areas and get rid of things you no longer use. A tidy home gives you a tidy mind.


11. Learn yoga

The benefits of yoga are never-ending. It increases your flexibility, muscle strength and tone and helps you maintain a balanced metabolism. Choose from a variety of free yoga videos on YouTube.


12. Find a free local concert/festival

Fancy a dance or some live entertainment? It's easy to find free local concerts or festivals in your area. Money Saving Expert has some great choices here.


13. Learn to cook or bake something new

Find a fluffy cake or a delicious dish to cook on BBC goodfood. They have an amazing variety to choose from and recipes that are simple to follow.


14. Start a new book

Reading produces mental stimulation and reduces stress. Choose a book from the BBC's Top 100, for free from Project Gutenberg or go grab it from your local library. Happy reading!


15. Train for a 5k or 10k race

Want to get fit but need a push in the right direction? Why not sign up for a 5k or 10k run so you have something to work towards? Have a look for an upcoming race in your area here, and prepare with a free couch-to-5K app.


16. Have a picnic

Make an epic picnic at home and go to your nearest park to indulge. Invite along a friend or take a book for a peaceful couple of hours. Use our Random Picnic Generator to figure out what to take!

17. Go for a bike ride somewhere new

Grab a bike and take to the streets for some fresh air and great exercise. There are some great cycle routes for every kind of ride on Let's Ride.


18. Visit a local museum or gallery

There are free, informative and interesting museums and galleries dotted all around the UK. Find the best museums and galleries in your area using Money Saving Expert's great tool here.


19. Watch a DIY tutorial

Fancy turning old clothes into something new, or creating a new piece of furniture? Watch some DIY tutorials and expand your skills.


20. Teach yourself to juggle

Ever fancied being in the circus? Or maybe just fancied impressing friends and family at a party? Teach yourself to juggle and you'll be one step closer to becoming an entertainer. 


21. Sell old books, DVDs and CDs

Head down to your local car boot sale or go on Ebay to sell your old books, DVDs and CDs.


22. Join a fantasy football team for the Premier League

Create your own fab fantasy football team in time for the new Premier League starting in August.


23. Do some gardening

Plant some new seeds and create your very own plant babies to look after.


24. Start a Netflix series

If you already have Netflix, start watching an epic new series to keep your boredom at bay. If you don't already have an account, you can join free for a month.


25. Go Geocaching

Want to join the world's largest treasure hunt? There are millions of geocaches hidden around the world, most likely near you right now. Find out more about geocaching here.


26. Rearrange your room

Who doesn't love a change every now and then? Rearrange your room for that fresh, new bedroom feel. You'll be amazed how different it can make you feel.


27. Challenge yourself to 10,000 steps a day

Do you know how many steps you do on average per day? Challenge yourself to 10,000 or more. Skip driving everywhere or go for a long walk in the evenings to stay fit and healthy.


28. Look into your family tree

Visit find my past to build a free family tree. You can explore your family's amazing journey and find out who your ancestors were, how they lived and what they did.


29. Finish a crossword/sudoku

Grab a paper or download a free app to complete a challenging crossword or sudoku. You'll feel great after and your brain will thank you for it.


30. Visit a relative

Do you have any relatives that would appreciate a visit? Why not go round for a lovely cuppa and catch up? You'll both feel better for it.


31. Make a savings plan

Make a savings plan and follow our Ways to Save tips to help you save money without even noticing.

listening to music

32. Try a meditation app

Meditation is good for reducing stress, improving concentration and increasing self-awareness and happiness. Try the meditation apps MindfulnessHeadspace and Calm for amazing results that could change your everyday life.


33. Hold your own wine tasting

Are you a wine lover? If so why not invite a couple of friends round, ask everyone to bring a bottle of wine each, and have your very own wine tasting. It'll be so much cheaper than the real thing but just as much fun.


34. Offer to look after someone’s pet

If you know a friend, family member or neighbour in need why not offer to look after their pet? Fur babies can bring endless amounts of joy so you are bound to have lots of fun whilst helping someone out. 


35. Draw

Pick up a pen or pencil and a piece of paper and draw something amazing. Drawing can improve memory, creativity and create positive emotions.


36. Listen to new music on Spotify

Have a listen to the current top tracks here and have a little dance while nobody's watching.


37. Start a daily exercise challenge

Delve into some outdoor exercise. Find out how you can get fit for free here. Alternatively you could follow a YouTube fitness video; there are thousands to choose from.


38. Visit a nearby town

Explore somewhere new and exciting. If the sun is shining you could go for a long walk to a nearby town, or hop on a bus or a train.


39. Start growing your own vegetables

The Guardian has put together a beginners guide to growing your own veg. You'll be self-sufficient in no time.


40. Volunteer locally

Volunteering is an amazing, selfless thing to do that has countless benefits. Have a look at Do-it to find the perfect volunteering opportunity for you