Love is in the air with Valentine’s Day being just 2 weeks away but we’re not about to get all cheesy anytime soon. We know that everyone wants to show their loved ones that they care, but it doesn’t mean that we have to spend a fortune to do so. Valentine’s Day soon comes at a cost as shops have to increase their prices for Valentine's gifts. Here’s our 5 favourite things to do for less:


Make Dinner Together

Valentine’s Day falls on a Wednesday this year and where’s the fun in rushing home from work so you can get ready to go out? Plus, when you do go out you just end up sitting in a jam packed restaurant amongst other loved up couples barely hearing yourself think over the cheesy music. Save yourself time and money. Stay at home and cook a romantic meal together (you don’t have to be a top chef but let’s hope you can cook).


Take A Romantic Walk

Ok the weather hasn’t been great recently, but don’t let that stop you, go out for a stroll. Whether it’s around your local area or you take a little drive first to visit a special spot, it’s the time spent together that’s important. Wrap up and enjoy each other’s company.


Create Your Own Home Cinema

You’ve got your cinema tickets, slush puppy and your huge box of popcorn. Your date says she doesn’t want to share but we all know she’ll eat the most. You’re settled in your recliner chair, its 15 minutes before the film starts. BAM, every other couple turns up and fill the seats around you.

Avoid being suffocated by other loved up couples and create your own cinema experience at home for half the price. Dig out some old classic romantic DVDs or even use Netflix. Buy some treats from the supermarket and pull down your duvet. It’s time to watch your film in peace and in comfort.


Love Vouchers

It can be hard to find something new and original to buy for your Valentine. Why not make your gift personal and create love vouchers for your partner? It’s time to get creative so all you need is some card, cut them to debit card size and write little notes to your partner to say what the vouchers are for. It could be anything from cooking tea for them to simply running them a nice bath. Nothing shows that you care more than making vouchers for things that you know your partner loves.



With Valentine’s Day on a Wednesday this year and many of us having to work, why not plan to do something with your loved one on the weekend? By waiting a few extra days the shops will have slashed their prices on Valentine’s stock and you won’t find getting a table in a restaurant to be a chore.

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