You know you're an adult when you spend the run up to Christmas thinking about how much food you need for Christmas dinner, whether you have space for visiting relatives or who you need to buy gifts for.

But wouldn't it be great to just put all those responsibilities to one side for a moment and enjoy Christmas like you used to do? 

You may not be a kid anymore but you can easily act like one.  Why not celebrate Christmas the way you did when you were a child, but with a little adult twist here and there? 

Try these activities to rekindle your Christmas spirit. 

Party at a panto

You can’t go to a pantomime on your own, that would be strange and if we’re honest, a little creepy.

Find a niece or nephew you can treat to a night out.  You will get brownie points from the parents and quickly become the favourite aunt or uncle. Or just get a group of pals who are equally up for some panto shenanigans.

The great thing about panto is you can act in an outrageous fashion.  It’s encouraged.  Shout, sing, and dance.  You’ll have a fantastic time behaving like an eight year old. 

Skate like Bambi

Many towns set up an artificial ice rink at this time of the year.  Surrounded by fake pine trees and kiosks selling hot chocolate they are great places to channel your inner child.  And the worse you are at ice skating the more fun you will have.

It doesn’t matter if you have all the finesse of a rhino snowboarding down a mountain,  or that you spend most of the time sat on your backside after another fall.  Enjoy yourself.  You’ll have great fun flailing around like a toddler.

There's no business like snow business

Everyone loves playing in the snow so go mad! Throw snowballs or hurtle down a hill.  Embrace the cold like you did when you were a kid. 

Unfortunately you can’t rely on a white Christmas anymore, whilst flying off to Lapland may not be feasible you can still frolic in the white stuff. 

There are artificial ski slopes not too far from most of us.  From Braehead to Milton Keynes you can find snow at any time of the year.  Get together with friends and book a snow party. 

Get steaming with Santa

What can be better than combining the magic of a steam train with Christmas?  It’s every kids, sorry, adults dream.  Who wouldn’t want to ride on the Polar Express?  You can do.  You will even get to see Father Christmas.

There are preserved steam railways up and down the country which put on Santa specials.  The Embsay & Bolton Abbey, Midland, Weardale and KWVR steam railways along with many others all run festive trains.  With beautifully decorated carriages and stations you’ll have a great time.  Just don’t expect to drive the locomotive.

Walking in a winter wonderland 

You don't have to be Frank Sinatra or even Kylie Minogue to go walking in a winter wonderland, plenty of towns stage their own and they are great fun. 

They may not all be on the scale of Hyde Park or Manchester but all winter wonderlands are packed with festive amusements.  Enjoy ice rinks, Christmas lights, and live entertainment.  Be scared and scream your head off on fairground rides.  Then when you want to be an adult again you can guarantee there will be a German beer tent.

Movie night 

Do you remember the cheesy Christmas movies you watched every year when you were a kid?  Or back to back episodes of Power Rangers on Christmas morning?  

Recreate the magic by enjoying a movie night in watching all your old favourites.  Generate an authentic atmosphere with bags of crisps and cans of pop.  Some cubes of cheese and pineapple on a stick if you really want to push the boat out. 

You could even invite your partner to be part of your childhood re-enactment.   Though they may not appreciate the effort you've gone to.  Or repeats of Power Rangers.

Blinded by the lights

One of the great things about Christmas is the way people decorate their houses.  As a child riding in your parent's car you will remember staring out of the window looking at the light displays.  It was always the most tacky and kitsch lights which were the best.  Why not relive those dark evening jaunts?

Jump in the car and drive around to find the best (worst) Christmas lights in the area. Make a night of it.  Sit in the car and enjoy a takeaway.  Stare at the display with childlike wonder while marvelling at how one mad person can find the time and money to festoon their house in 50,000 twinkling fairy lights.

No need to wait

What are you waiting for?  Dive straight into your Christmas activities today.