So Christmas is over, whatever plans you had it’s usually quite hectic trying to fit everybody in and it doesn’t stop yet! New Year is on its way, so what’s everybody doing this year? We thought we’d give you a few different suggestions so you’re not struggling on how to celebrate.

1.     Go Traditional

Most people will probably stay traditional by meeting up with family and/or friends and have a gathering at somebodies house to celebrate. You know the typical fireworks, a few drinks and a bite to eat. Everybody together having fun and counting the New Year in together (also not too expensive).

2.     Sit this one out

Not everybody is one for being out on New Year’s Eve, some even have to work until quite late so there’s nothing to worry about, and there is no harm in sitting in and watching the New Year in on the TV. There’s always huge amounts of coverage from all around the world, so it doesn’t have to be a wild night to see in the New Year and enjoy some amazing fireworks from around the globe.

new years eve in

3.    Local area

Or if you do want to go out, but you don’t want to do the whole organising an event yourself then why not get online and find out what’s happening around your area. Most of these events are free to go to, or only a minimum of a few pound to get in. But it does give you the opportunity to mix with people in the community, have less hassle and have a fun filled night.

New years eve fireworks

4.     Take a trip

You can also be the adventurous type, so sitting at home or just being around somewhere close-by might not be how you want to see the New Year in. So why not get a few friends together and all club together to get a little cottage/apartment somewhere. The more people you can get, the cheaper you can make your trip.

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