Panic over! Whatever dad is into we’ve gathered ideas for Father’s Day. Just don’t forget to set that phone reminder for the 17th June. We’re going to be frank with you, you can’t give your dad another ‘World’s Best Dad Mug”. You’ve had plenty of Father’s Days to shop for now, so it’s time to step up. Your dad has been there for you since the beginning. He was the one who probably bought you your first football and taught you life lessons. We’re here with some advice of our own: it’s time to trade in that tie for something quirkier.

Fancies himself as a foodie

If your dad has a sweet tooth there’s always sweets, but they are a bit too…normal. How can you improve them? By making them bacon flavoured of course! If Dad is more a cheese lover, then chocolate flavoured with cheese (and crackers, we’re not monsters) is the way to go.


Likes his cars

Stuff for the car should make life a little bit easier. We reckon go practical here with something such as a voltage monitor with a display to tell you how much charge is left in the car battery. Make it more useful by picking one with a USB charging source. Or if the car smells but you don’t want to tell Dad, hopefully, a personalised photo air freshener will do the trick.


A music or film fan

We can’t believe there’s a Dad who doesn’t like some lightsaber action. You have choices here; either a fully inflatable version or more toothbrush sized. We’ll leave that up to you. If music is more of his thing, then a song lyric poster makes a really personalised gift.


Bit of a gamer

For a fan of zombie games you could buy him a book on how to survive. We suspect that it won’t help Dad to run faster, but it’s worth trying everything. Or get these awesome socks for him to wear whilst gaming.


For those dapper Dads

If your dad is suave and sophisticated and completely on trend (because he has a beard) there’s loads of things to choose from, from beard shampoo (yes, this does exist) to beard shaping tools. But for the real beardy fan, you could look at a device to measure beard length or a dedicated beard comb?


Loves the great outdoors

It’s a well-known fact that Dads are often masters at packing, and with space-saving gear like this collapsible torch they’re only going to get better. We’re not quite sure why we like this but the idea of a handy little notepad that allows you to write on it, even in the wet seems like a very cool gift for a walker who heads off out looking for inspiration (or just 30 minutes peace). And yes we are mentioning the ‘S’ word. Socks. A pair of thermals never goes amiss.


… you still have no idea what to get him

We admit, sometimes Dads are a nightmare to get gifts for. So if the Jelly Baked Beans aren’t doing it, you could always buy him a mug.



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All prices correct as of 15/05/18